Our Missions

Providing Humanitarian Aid

Christ For India is concerned with the spiritual and physical needs of the people of India. Many humanitarian ministries are used to help alleviate the sufferings of the poor and destitute to break the poverty cycle while at the same time exposing them to the Word of God.

Mrs. Mary Titus began her home and school for orphans and poor in 1984 with 50 children. They began their education under the mango trees. Today, the campus houses the Nava Jeevan Children’s Home with two hostels: The Bethel Hostel for boys and the Dr. Titus Memorial Hostel for girls. These hostels accommodate more than 400 resident children, house parents, and child helpers.

Women’s Vocational Training started in 1995 to provide underprivileged women with one year’s training in sewing with job placement.

Medical camps are set up in local villages. A medical team consisting of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and helper provide free first aid and consultation to the poor and needy.

Properties were added to grow fruits, vegetables, and raise livestock so the campus can be more self-sufficient. Our cows provide 100% of the milk, consumed on campus.

Sponsor a Child

To support a child, 
you can give $40 monthly.

Medical Supplies

To provide medical supplies, 
you can give $50.

Buy a Cow

To buy a cow,
you can give $1200.

Sewing Machine

To buy a sewing machine, 
you can give $125.