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Development Projects



Help spread the good news to the one billion plus souls in India by providing a Bible for new believers and evangelism.
One Bible would cost $5.

Would you consider providing a Bible?


Books for the Library

Seminary students, high school students, grammar school students, teachers, faculty and members of the community use the library on campus. The books would cost $20. 

Would you consider donating books for the library? 
Your gift will allow us to continue to provide current literature and research materials.


School Supplies

All the lessons at our schools are completed on slates for the young children. Each student needs notebooks, pens, folders etc. The school supplies per student would cost $30. Would you consider donating school supplies?

Your gift will provide supplies for a student’s one full school year.


Evangelism Tools

These tools enable us to bring the Gospel to people throughout India in an impactful way. These components are light-weight and perfectly suited to be set up in remote locations. Evangelism tools would cost between $100 and $200.

Would you consider contributing towards our evangelism tools?

(Microphones $100, Guitar $100, Bull Horn $100, Portable DVD Player $125, Drum Set $200, Full PA System for a Church $1000, Portable Generator $1250, Video Projector $1300, Keyboard $2000)


Solar panels

Help us extend our supply of clean, sustainable energy to the campus by investing in solar panels Phase 3. Once completed and operational, we can save additional cost per month.
Each solar panel would cost $250.

Would you consider contributing to our solar panels project?



The pastors have an urgent need to oversee each village church plant. Some of these church plants are in remote areas and no public transportation is available. As the transportation needs are changing in India, we also need to get new tools for our pastors in the field.
A motorcycle would cost $1,300.
This will become the transportation for evangelism and also for the pastor and his family as a family vehicle.

Would you consider participating in a motorcycle purchase?


Church Repairs

Many churches need roofs and have other maintenance issues.
Help us rebuild our damaged churches.
Church repairs would cost $5,000.

Would you consider donating for our churches’ repairs?


New Church Building

In India, your gift can help us build a simple, sturdy church building. This building can be used for worship, discipleship, and spreading the Gospel. In addition, the building can serve as a school for the young children.
A new church building would cost $20,000.

Would you consider contributing to a new church building?


New School Bus

We need two new buses, as our current buses are too old to receive registration. One new bus would cost $36,800.

Would you consider participating in a new school bus purchase?


The New Titus Family Home

Help finish the New Titus Family Home and allow our family to move in and be safe.

“About 41 years ago, my parents P.J. and Mary Titus sold their home in Texas to move back to India to obey God’s call in their life. During the very beginning days of the ministry, they built the family home in India, all living together in one home.

All of those decades, it had weathered every storm and cyclone that swept through our campus. So, when Cyclone Hudhud slammed India in 2014, it was devastating to see all the damage on campus and our original Titus family home was one of the buildings that took the hardest hit.

The structural damage was so bad, there was no other choice but to build a new one.

As partners like you sent us the funding, we began to build a home to live in. We are glad to report that we’ve been able to build up a lot to date, thanks to your faithful generosity!

However, we still need $42,000$ to finish painting the walls, install the water storage unit on the roof, finish the septic tank, install all the doors, the bathroom fixtures, all the lights, kitchen fixture, appliances and much more.

There are many needs across the ministry as we serve India’s people with the love of Christ, but this project is becoming urgent, as our family desperately needs a place to live.

Please help give us a home where my family in India can continue their ministry work and raise the children in dignity and safety.

Thank you very much for your support.

Rev. Jameson P. Titus”

When a specific need has been met, Christ For India reserves the right to distribute the funds where the need is greatest.