Who We Are

Our Story

Christ For India is a nonprofit organization, supporting a ministry campus in Visakhapatnam, east India, and led by Rev. Jameson P. TitusHis parents, Dr. P.J. and Mary Titus founded the ministry in 1981 when they sold their house in the United States and moved back to India in order to preach the Gospel to the unreached.

Christ For India began with one vision: Reaching One Billion Plus Souls For Christ.

Then, COTR College of Ministries and the New Testament Churches of India were founded. Due to his years of commitment, Dr. Titus became a theologian, missionary, evangelist and orator of worldwide renown. 

In addition to spreading the Gospel, Dr. P.J. and Mary Titus were concerned about orphaned and poor children. Mary Titus began her home for orphans in 1984 with 50 children and taught them under the mango trees. This led to the formation of Nava Jeevan Institution and Nava Jeevan Children’s Home


Dr. P. J. Titus passed away in 2003 and Mary continued the mission and vision as co-founder and president in India along with her two sons, Rev. Jameson and Rev. Johnson. Mary Titus passed away in 2017. Rev. Johnson then gave leadership until he passed away in 2021. Their daughter Jyothi Titus supports the ministry.  
Rev. Jameson P. Titus and Rev. Johnson’s family continue to lead the ministry in India.  

The Titus Family


I have been married since 1987 to my wife Deanna, and we have a son and two daughters. We are the proud grandparents of 6 grandchildren.

I serve as President of Christ For India. I am the son of the late Dr. P. J. Titus and Mary Titus, founders of the ministry. Over the years, I have served many roles: office work, board director, and Vice President. In February 2001, I began working for Christ For India on a full time basis. I was unanimously elected President of this world-impacting ministry in 2003.

Since my brother Johnson passed away, I have been representing Christ For India throughout the world (US, India, UK, Switzerland, Australia and Central America.), speaking at mission conferences, churches, conventions, and in small groups. I report to all the partners worldwide and keep the communication lines open between them and the ministry campus. I also host and coordinate vision teams traveling to the campus in India.

Thank you for your support and prayers!
For India and her people,

Rev. Jameson P. Titus, President

What We Do

Our Missions

Training Nationals as Pastors and Evangelists

Planting Churches in Unreached Areas

Educating Children as Future Leaders

Providing Humanitarian Aid

Our Ministry Campus

Over the years, the ministry campus expanded. Today, under the leadership of Rev. Jameson P. Titus, the campus houses: 

Children's Home



Church Planting

Farm and Dairy